How Do We Add Value That Delivers Results

Surplus Liquidating Management: Stuck with products? Let us liquidate small and large quantity of items that may have been taking up space or not selling fast enough due to some new release or over produce items, seasonal purchase that have not sold in time, manufacture defect, over priced, overstocked, bad purchasing decisions etc. Our qualified list of global direct buyers and online remarketing channels allows for us to arrange deal in as fast as 72 business hours in some cases.

Intuitive RLS Software: In need of an affordable software that is design to give you a birds eye view over your entire operations, has built in intuitive data allowing you to make smart
decisions on pricing, strategy and sales therefore enhancing your business efficiency.

Shipping Logistics: Why outsource for your shipping needs? We can manage entire shipments both domestic and foreign in most cases at a difference in cost. Help saving you an extra buck and time needed for outsourcing.

E-commerce Web Design : Your business may be in need of a total revamp. Let us build a website brand from a provider that is an expert in design and marketing and know what prospects are searching for, what makes them stay and what gets them to make a decision on the spot. We implement a responsive E-commerce platform for your business that is designed to sell your products, services and professionalize your companies image.

Product Distribution: In need of products to buy, we got you covered. We supply top tier 1 and tier 2 brands of consistent products for your market place or organization. All done through our exclusive B2B, B2C and direct market channels.

Consulting Services: Need a plan of action to steer you in a clear direction of success. Our consulting services can advise on what’s working now in the industry, we could implement a process for you to run with. Its like having an expert role out a successful plan for you to easily present to your management team to follow.

Product Take-Back Programs: Millions consumers and businesses are responsible in consumer electronics waste ending up in landfills whether they realize it or not, we take on the task of offering an alternative to these consumers and businesses by offering them a takeback program that allows them to ship there outdated, unused products back to us for recycle, refurbish and reuse giving products an extended lifecycle, preventing garbage dumps and landfills that are getting filled with these toxic chemicals to this bless planet in which we all share.

R2 Partnerships: We manage remanufacturing and E-waste recycling projects through our direct channel of R2 certified partners. Our goal is to reduce and totally prevent products from ending up on our landfills that produce toxic and health issues in countries such as Africa, India USA and China, giving products an extended lifecycle and provide businesses an opportunity to focus on there core business while we offer share back programs for clients in need of cash now.

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