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" By the year 2020 the global consumer electronics market is expected to reach USD 838.85 billion" Having a reverse logistics Ecosystem in place for all operations related to product refurbishment, remarketing and e-waste recycling will be necessary for protecting the environment from improper incineration and preventing continued earth exploitation of natural resources.

With new technology on the rise, extending product lifecycles and reusing materials will be mandatory in the near future to reduce high cost associated with material saturation. A dynamic web presence that sets you apart from competitors combined with an intuitive software that integrates reduced cost on shipping resulting in increased bottom-line.

Magnus Liquidity Group thrives on service to others, connecting win-win relationships & summoning forth solutions to problems in the reverse supply chain industry. We are your one resource global partners. "


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“Its Not Who We Are Underneath But What We Do That Defines US”

Magnus Liquidity Group is a multi-solution reverse logistics company with expertise in Surplus liquidation management, Intuitive RLS Software, Shipping Logistics, E-commerce Web Design, Product Distribution, Product Take-Backs Consulting Services, and Global R2 partner for E-waste Recycling and Remanufacturing.

What Makes Us Unique

Smaller team with a much stronger Global Impact. Since our organization consist of a small team of very intelligent experts that have worked in many aspects of the reverse logistics industry we tend to have the advantage over huge corporations that has lots of overhead and thousands of unhappy employees. We have found from experience that the larger corporations are sometimes too big to cater to every account with passion, endurance and service. In the some scenarios when a concern arises with a client, the big players in the industry may neglect that account especially when under pressure. When customer services needs are not met in a timely manner, it is enough to make a negative impact on any business. This need has been recognizedand embedded in our company philosophy to service all customers, with equal respect regardless of size of the account, we arehere to assist 24/7 in most cases and not only that; We like it this way. With a smaller team, we can listen to your concerns and everyone will be in on it to help provide a timely solution for your organization...

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