Who Do We Think We Are?

Its Not Who We Are Underneath But What
We Do That Defines US

Magnus Liquidity Group is a multi-solution reverse logistics company with expertise in Surplus Liquidation management, intuitive RLS Software, Shipping Logistics, E-commerce Web Design, Product Distribution, Product Take-Back Programs, Consulting Services, and Global R2 partner for Ewaste Recycling and Remanufacturing.

We deliver an all in one ecosystem designed to enhance your business on all aspects of reverse logistics, helping you save time, money and hassle. We support manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, ecommerce sellers, exporters, importers, public and private organizations, from small business owners to large conglomerate enterprises seeking to streamline their business from one efficient global partner.

“MLG” maybe a new name founded in 2016 by industry experts but our experience has more than 3 decades of experience in strategic marketing, maximizing product value, saving cost on shipping, intuitive software that runs your business more efficiently, giving products extended lifecycle through redistribution and keeping the environment safe through proper R2 recycling.

We have formed an alliance of prominent industry leaders in partnering with the best to bring cost effective solutions to one place, that saves time and money for your business. This allows you to focus on your core services. Our mission is to create a win-win relationship with our customers and the planet we share. Therefore we work day and night to raise environmental awareness while at the same time providing solutions and tools that correspond to the entire process. Trust, Value & Growth .

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